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We offer range of lining services for Wear and Corrosion Protection. Our products include high-quality rubber lining material, polyurethane lining material, non-stick liners, ceramic lining material, mill lining for Wear Protection. Soft rubber lining and Hard rubber lining services and material are offered for Corrosion Protection.

Areas of lining applications for Wear Protection include -  sleeves for idlers, slurry handling, coal processing, chutes, tanks and discharge hoppers for round grains, impact curtains n vibrating conveyors, oil grease and wear-resistant, prevention of flow problems with very fine and powdery, non-abrasive material, protection against extreme wear through abrasion at high speeds, pebble mills, ceramic mills to name a few.

For Corrosion Protection services offered are for – FGD plants, ship cargo holds etc.

Corrosion Protection

Wear & Corrosion Protection

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