Pneumatic Belt Splice Pressing Machine - Remapres PBP

Remapress PBP .  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

REMA PRESS PBP is the first contact pressin the world especially for cold splicing fabric belts (strength class EP 1000/5 and over, or for coverage of 10:4 and above).

In contrast to conventional pressing methods,the REMA PRESS PBP is effective on heavy fabric belts, as it applies far greater pressure more evenly over the full area of the belt join. This means the high pressure is effected over the complete area of the bond.

Properties (Features):

•  Lightweight aluminium construction

•  Easy to transport

•  Straight forward assembly/dismantling

•  Suitable for fabric belts up to width 2200 mm

•  Extremely tough pressure cushion

•  Includes transportable compressor

•  Current: 220 V


•  High contact pressure (100 N/cm²)

•  Even distribution of pressure

•  Automatic pressure monitoring

Remapress PBP

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