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AGP's is a global leader in State-of-the Art security glass production, with advanced laminating, tempering and armouring lines that produce products that adhere to the strictest technical specifications.

AGP Product Line

Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet Resistant Glass is the result of several glass, polycarbonate and special polymer layers, which after being treated with high temperature and pressure, form a bullet resistant glass barrier that works as a shield, reducing the speed and power of the projectile making it impossible for the projectile to pass through.

AGP Glass Features

Laminated Security Glass

With violent crimes on the rise globally, we all have the potential of being exposed to some level of crime including a carjacking, theft, or break-in. With this in mind, AGP has developed our Security Line range of products, which are transparent, light and easy to install.

AGP Different Type of Security Glass

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