Shekinah Beckett, 23, and Philadelphia 76ers small forward Thaddeus Young were high school sweethearts, and now they're ready to jump. Shekinah Jo Anderson, is a professional hair stylist and reality television personality. With just a few years of professional experience, Shekinah has already. TI Thinks He Is GOD”: Shekinah Jo Puts T. I can’t really tell you where things went 100 percent left with T.

Join us in congratulating Shekinah and Thaddeus! LOL just “Mmm hmm” and agree with a head nod, because when she goes back to that fool, she’ll remember everything you had to say about him and hold YOU accountable for it! LaLa Anthony spotted Leaving The Mark Hotel for the Met Gala 2017 www.

Tiny is caught in the middle of a feud involving her bestfriend Shekinah Jo and her husband T. Tiny only needs to decide and do what enriches her and the children’s life. Tiny's hairstylist and good friend hopped on IG and posted a screenshot of her and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tiny: The Family Hustle show. VH1's Shekinah Jo Discusses Business Ventures + How Reality TV Has. Was not in prison at the time. We don’t be in the drama though.

  1. And in case you have yet to meet her on TV, here’s 3 things you should know about Shekinah.
  2. And when fans saw Shekinah has maintained her friendship with Floyd, she went on the defensive, explaining she was only friends with Tiny — not T.
  3. And you are not married either, and have you ever been, if you re hen we have a difference of opinion and it’s ok, I was speaking biblical!
  4. Anybody that interferes with that is his enemy.
  5. When she caught wind of the criticism, she let the frustrations she has been holding in with ‘Tip’ all the way out. When we go places, some people already call me Mrs. When you marry a man, he’s the king of the throne. Whether Shekinah’s telling the truth or not (about Tip being controlling and treating his family bad, which is a mouthful in itself), you should know better than to speak ill about your good friend’s husband, especially public!

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    The Electronic Urban Report/EUR puts the most buzz worthy African American news at your fingertips. The author of “The Power Playbook” chats it up about her character on the Starz hit show “Power. The best memory thus far for us would be the birth of our son TJ in 2010,” says Shekinah. The fab hairstylist was actually featured on Tiny’s first reality show, Tiny & Toya, back in 2009.

    • According to Bossip: Has Lala Anthony been caught creeping out on Carmelo with rapper Maino?
    • All I said is that a man isn’t in a position to dictate things from prison.
    • Almost automatically, fans pounced on Shekinah saying she’s only famous because T.

    She’s the mother of his kids, he’s legally required to help pay those bills (even though Tiny is a smart business woman who prob doesn’t need the help). So Miss me wit da Monkey Sh-t or get dealt wit. So Miss me wit da Monkey Shit or get dealt wit.

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    Removed Shekinah Jo from the cast of T. Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian Welcome Their First Child - Find Out Deets On The Delivery! She had told her mom she had to work late and snuck out to see her love. She hasn't revealed the identity of the man but we're praying she never talks to him again.

    So Shekinah's New NFL Boo.? Sometimes, you have to control things. Still haven't subscribed to BET on Youtube? Still haven't subscribed to BET on Youtube?

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    The flight crew in the movie Baggage Claim sits down with BlogXilla to discuss their role in the film, talk dating and Jill Scott even makes BlogXilla blush. The hairstylist was so insanely pleased with the work that he did that she constantly recommends him and even gives him routine shout-outs on her Instagram page! The saucy Georgia peach has her own hair product called “Shekinah Jo Beautiful Edges” as well as a line of T-shirts. The video below provides additional details.

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    But aside from doing hair that is absolutely fab, Shekinah’s also starting her own.

    There’s still alot more to learn about Shekinah and we can only hope for more T. They werent even married, just shacking up. This wasn’t an ordinary prisoner. This wasn’t an ordinary prisoner.

    Horrifying and saddening is how the sister of an Uber driver is describing his death, allegedly at. How about, we thought about that remember? I & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 5, there’s one thing that we shouldn’t expect to see when the show does make its return: Tiny’s best friend, hairdresser, and business partner, Shekinah Jo Anderson. I don’t have a reason to have a conversation with him. I don’t take a jab at him ever.

    Then, Shekinah began to respond to her followers in the comment section. There are ratchet and classless women everywhere. There seems to be a bit of tension in ‘s kingdom, this after his wife Tiny‘s close friend, seemingly taunted the superstar via an Instagram photo featuring his nemesis Floyd Mayweather. There were rumors swirling for years that the rapper is the reason why Tiny’s first reality show, 2009’s “Tiny and Toya,” came to an end so abruptly, despite it being a huge hit for BET.

    Click the link below for grillz, chains, rings and more! Comment Disclaimer: Comments that contain profane or derogatory language, video links or exceed 200 words will require approval by a moderator before appearing in the comment section. E Weave Trip and Hustle she has a point. Even if TI was paying the bills, he’s was in no position to give orders from prison.

    You cannot insult someone else’s intelligence and turn around and use phrases like ” Is you happy? You don’t really reply to things that don’t involve youbut I don’t have a problem with Clifford Harris. You know it’s no secret he isn’t too fond of his wife Tiny’s bestie Shekinah Jo. You never see any of that. Young or refer to me as his wife.

    As I said before it’s all about who you surround yourself with.
    At least she using her DISADVANTAGE TO HER ADVANTAGE.At the end of the day TI’s loyalty should be to his wife and Shekinah’s loyalty should be to her friend.Black women seek information on a wide variety of topics including African-American hair care, health issues, relationship advice and career trends - and MadameNoire provides all of that.

    Stopped by to have a quick breakfast with his wife (they were so sweet together,) but Shekinah kept her distance. TI Thinks He Is GOD”: Shekinah Jo Puts T. TI has a real problem with women.

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    Though I didn’t like Shekinah on these shows i. Ti and tiny are married for so long. Tiny and Her Bestie Shekinah Jo Finally Got The Green Light For Their New Show "Weave Trip" Read the article here - //www. Tiny has never been ashamed to admit the reason why they’re relationship is so strong is because they share women.

    • " We love the fact that she put him on blast and hate the fact that she deleted the post.
    • 'Family Hustle's' Shekinah Celebrates Her 29th Birthday.
    • A WWHL caller asks actress La La Anthony if there's a chance for a reconciliation with her ex Carmelo Anthony in the future and La La says what she hopes for.

    He don’t have any connections to me, that’s her husband. He husband don’t respect me, he never has! He knew tiny was a fr3ak when he met her when she was with Xscape. He knows she’s a hater because she doesn’t live tinys lifestyle. He might be right about some things about Shekinah but what about him?! Hell half the time he sounds just as ignorant if she does. Her clients includes singers like Monica and Ciara, rapper Future, and even her best friend, Tiny.

    Shekinah continued to hold her ground against detractors by saying, despite her not-so-friendly relationship with T. Shekinah has always stood by Thaddeus — even before he was a notable player in the league. Shekinah is a piece of work, I tell you the truth. Shekinah may come off as loud, ghetto, and obnoxious but I think that she’s rather charming! Shekinah seems to inspire Tinyand her lack of a filter makes for good TV.

    But when things were sour between Tiny and her husband, for some reason, he kept taking verbal jabs at Shekinah, claiming she was “a hater to education” and. But, according to Tiny, that is not the case at all! But, my loyalty not to him. Check out her previous feelings on T.

    1. And Tiny and they have yet to watch the show, which is puzzling to me.
    2. And besides, pretty much all of the other reality shows NOT based in Atlanta have some of the same people.
    3. And friendship like those two you dont see around any more.
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      Which was over Tiny and ended up escalating into, felt that Shekinah wasn’t being loyal. With so many rumors of trouble in their marriage, infidelity, separation and of course the Floyd Mayweather incident, many people believe that Shekinah was advising Tiny to leave her husband. Would you like to have the jewelry these rappers have and floss in their videos? Wtf was she looking to gain from that? You are not “the man” from prison.

      She was doing the absolute MOST trying to look for Oprah. She's best known by her username @TheGlamUniversity. Shekinah Anderson from VH1 TI and Tiny The Family Hustle Season 6 says that what Tameka and Clifford Harris are going through, she will NOT speak on but I. Shekinah came off like she was jealous of Tiny and she came off like Tiny owed it to Shekinah to help her come up because Tiny had made it.

      We have all you favorite Snapchat and. We love to go to comedy shows and movies,” says Shekinah. We was like I hope a fool don’t go out here and cut somebody wood off for real. We were sent the below clip with no information. Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - Comedian Anthony Anderson arrives to catch a flight at LAX and when asked if his upcoming Mother's Day Special with La La. Well, she certainly has a problem with him now.

      Follow Me Twitter/Instagram @CNikkyblog Like My Facebook Page CNikky. For him, nothing tops a woman who love so truly. Gl/XV8KUp Follow Sarah IG://goo. Gl/XV8KUp Follow Sarah IG://goo. God never said he will make our enemies our footstoolsmhthat’s why you should proofread before you copy and paste. Have never been friends (something she has said in interviews before as well). He do a damn good job in all them areas.

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      It’s not that we don’t get along, I have no reason to get along with him or not get along with him. I’m pretty sure she would say the opoaite actually. I’m sorry but if a person that has at least 7 felonies they cannot tell me how to talk or act.

      NomoTALK IM BUsY BUM BITCH BEAT it! Of course they want the drama and ignorance. Oh, I’m not knocking TI for how he handles his family. People can’t judge a city based on what you see on TV. Please update your browser to the most recent version. Probably jealous controlling man syndrome.

      It will come back if it’s meant! Its about the man being the head of the household and making good decisions for the benefit of the marriagemarriage and the wife understanding that you canynhave two chiefs. It’s been rumored for years that he’s VERY controlling and doesn’t want her to work at all. It’s his job to maintain and protect his family. It’s not that we beefing, cause I’m not beefing with him.

      I think just about every man who is in a relationship has an issue with at least one of his woman’s friends. I was raised by Christian parents with a traditional marriage so please don’t go assuming I’m clueless based on one comment and the fact that I’m not married. I was talking to K Camp and he said, I like the song, but why ya’ll had to say cut it off tho man? I would love to see TI be himself on this show. If I don’t Fux wit U, DEN FUCK U!

      • She worked at Little Caesars Pizza and came to visit him after work with flour all over her.
      • We are all on the outside looking in to just a segment of these people’s lives and situations.
      • She revealed her loyalty remains with her friend Tiny.
      • I don’t know them personally but I was at an event where he was asked about that and was almost in tears.
      • I don’t have a reason but to respect him, say Hey and keep it moving.

      Shekinah then took on several haters by setting certain facts straight: that T. Shekinah’s post caused quite a stir, since we all know about Floyd’s fight with T. She’s been my friend forever, not him. She’s loud, ghetto, and obnoxious. She’s that one friend he can’t stand.

      If they doing you wrong, cut they *ss off! If you want to be involved in the day to day stuff, you stay out of prison. It gets weirder after this as Shekinah Jo responded with a IG video of her shaking her bottom to music with the caption: “#bombbitcheshavefun #omgilovemylife #omgthreatornah?

      MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. Make sure to Subscribe for more videos like this, and turn on notifications. Money doesn’t change that. My husband IS short and he don’t act like TI so it ain’t short man syndrome. Naturally responded in a veiled Instagram rant himself. Nobody is an Atlanta native born n raised.

      TI probably saw those episodes too. Thaddeus says he knew Shekinah was going to be his wife when they were just 16. That is called being submissive to your husband, it part of commitment in a marriage it may not make you happy but it makes her husband happy! Thats how I heard Atlanta girls get down from ATLANTA MEN Whenever i ask they be like “ATLANTA GIRLS CRAZY”. That’s crap she had a career before she met him an he can’t throw stones so your point don’t hold water!

      Lala's response to the cheating rumors? Ly/1U0v9xG Download the BET NOW app for. Ly/1U8zPnS Snapgram TV is a Channel devoted to celebrity entertainment and social media. Ly/mrSda2 Broll: La La Anthony, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, Carmen Surillo walk the carpet at the VH1's 2nd annual "Dear Mama: An Event To.

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